How To Conduct Perm Interviews Successfully

A major component of the PERM application process is domestic job advertisement. The Department of Labor is very clear about their recruitment requirements. A job posting must be made in two weekend editions in a newspaper of high local circulation. It must also include three other types of job posting for a 30-day period.

While they do not have to run concurrently it is much more expedient to do so. That way the recruitment phase can end within a 30-day period and push the process on to the next stage: interview qualified domestic job applicants.

One of the most common types of additional recruitment activities is to post on a national job board site. A good example of such a site is which has a massive amount of viewers and job postings each day. This kind of site has been the standard for job seekers and job posters alike for the past few years. However, issues with incessant volume have meant that the real niche type of jobs does not work well on a general job posting site.

There have been some major changes in the digital job posting realm that will likely affect PERM recruitment practices. The major change has been a shift away from sites like to smaller, more personalized boutique recruitment boards that help specialists get work.

Boutique job boards operate on a different principle than does. While Indeed is all about volume, boutique job sites are all about quality. In order to ensure quality for all participants, boutique job boards must get to know their users. A lot of questions are asked about prior work experience, education, and what kind of niche is best for the applicant. Then, will all the personal information taken into account, the boutique job board will only contact the applicant when a relevant position opens up.

An expert physicist who could not find work on is bound to do very well on one of these smaller boutique job boards. They would not have to waste their time looking through job listings for which they are overqualified. It is also better because businesses feel more inclined to make a profile on a boutique job board that connects them only to highly qualified individuals. No more sifting through 5,000 applications for the HR department.

This is a major change to the digital job posting framework and has direct ramifications for PERM recruitment procedures and immigration advertising. For one thing, although it is the way of the future for job posting and hiring, it more info is expected that posting on these boutique job boards is not valid enough for PERM standards. They are likely to say that it does not reach enough people, especially given that it is advertisement that affects immigration rates. So, a well-designed PERM recruitment campaign

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