While it may sound self-explanatory, many people do not understand what a drug screening is for or what it tests for. Use this brief guide to learn about common drug tests and their uses.12 Panel Drug TestsThe most common type of drug test is a urine sample. This standard test is designed to clearly show the presence of drugs. While individual test… Read More

A major component of the PERM application process is domestic job advertisement. The Department of Labor is very clear about their recruitment requirements. A job posting must be made in two weekend editions in a newspaper of high local circulation. It must also include three other types of job posting for a 30-day period.While they do not have to … Read More

When it comes to casino games, Bay Area residents have a wealth of choices. However, if you are new to visiting casinos, you want to start with games that are a bit easier. There are several options where the rules are relatively easy to learn so you can quickly get started with playing the game. You can choose just one or test your luck with sever… Read More